It seems that classrooms these day are getting smaller while the amount of students in the class is going up. Here is a series of easy organizational strategies for you to utilize. Each one is simple and can be make in no more than an hour. They don't take up much space and will make your class look significantly neater in appearance.

Student Pictures
If you do not have the room in your classroom for cubbies, this is a great idea for the students to keep all their things organized. All you need is a cheap magazine holder and a picture of the child. Display them on a table or counter. the students will easily fine theirs and keep all their papers and books in it. Also great for library books that stay in the classroom.
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Student organization

Organized way to keep the sharp pencils from the dull ones. Kids just put them in the bucket and you can have one of the classroom chores as sharpening the pencils at the end of the day.
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Colored Pencils
Fast way to grab the color you need. Can be done with pencils, markers, etc.
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Easy access to whatever you are looking for
Never have to rummage through a messy drawer of bucket again. Here you will find anything you need. Place in clear canisters for easy viewing. Use chalkboard paint so you can change the label as the items in the canister change.
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Chalkboard Labels Rectangle Chalkboard Vinyl Labels 3.5 inch - Organize and Personalize with Chalk Labels, Water Resistan

Book Baskets
Organize books by level, topic, unit, etc. Anything to keep them organized in the classroom. You can even color code the books and baskets to easily put it back where you got it.
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Book Basket and book labels- great classroom organization!