Cute Crafts

Simple... Easy... Fun, that's all I have to say. Bright activities for you and your students. You can utilize them in all grades and change them to fit your personality as well as the personality of your students. Everyone is different and this is where you can have fun with that individuality.

Crayon Wreath
Cute wreath for you to add to your door or bulletin board
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Crayon Wreath

CD Fish
Have all those old cd's that you don't know what to do with? This activity can easily be combined with the book The Rainbow Fish by Marcus Pfister. Each child can make their own fish to put up in the classroom.

Old CD's into art project

Puzzle Welcome sign
All of us are going to run out of fun welcome bulletin boards after so long. Here is a fun one where each child has their own piece of the puzzle.
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Welcome board

I Believe in you
Students like to know they are valued. Here is a way to let them know every day.
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Student inspiration

Monster Marks
Corner book marks the kids can decorate however they want to
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Love these for me and kids

Handprints for any occasion
I series of handprints ideas for holidays or just for fun
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Hand prints for holidays

Homemade Crayons
Use silicon molds to create your own shaped crayons for the kids
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Home made crayons

Teacher "cake"
You have seen the diaper cakes, now here is one for a teacher. All the basic supplies they will need to get started for the year. Fun for a birthday or Christmas.
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For a Teacher