We all have issues with classroom management at some point and often run out of ideas. It is always nice to have new ones to try if the old are not working. Here are some fun and fresh ideas from current teachers.

Exit Ticket
I have seen these on white boards, pocket charts, Twitter walls, and many others. No matter what it looks like, the basic idea is the same. In order to leave at the end of the day, each student must write something they learned. You can be very specific such as, "what did you learn about fractions today?" Or you can be generic, "what is something you remember from today?" (courtesy of
Exit ticket

Who's Where?
Know where each student is simply by looking at the magnets. I have seen these on white boards, cookie sheets, and several other magnetic surfaces. They are cheap to make and always turn out very cute. Mine is a bit different and I will put up my personal picture when I am able to. (courtesy of
Love this ideas so you know where everyone is at any given time.

Once in a while you have a student who need a minute out of the classroom before they lose it. This is when you can bring out this idea. Write a letter to another teacher explaining that this student just needed a minute out of the classroom. They are to sign the paper as if it were an important document.  If the teacher can see that this student needs a bit more time, they can send them to an additional teacher. It is great to have 3 or 4 teachers who know about this and can work together if this ever happens and can return the envelope so you don't have to get a new one each time. The student is to return the signed papers and then return to their work. (courtesy of

Texting Partners
There are so many times that students need a partner to work with. On the first day of school, give each student their cell phone. Inside are 10 "speed dial" people. They are to put a classmates name on each line. When you need them to get in partners, call out a speed dial number and they are to get with that person. (courtesy of
Each child selects 10 names to put on a speed dial number. When you need a partner, teacher calls out a number and they check the speed dial to see who their partner is this time.

Quiet Critters
While the students are doing silent/individual work, set a "quiet critter" on each desk. If they talk, just silently walk to their desk and remove it. Those with critters left after the time is up get a reward of some sort. We do tickets for a weekly drawing. (courtesy of
Amazing idea! Quiet Critters - when you decide it's important for students to be quiet, pass out the quiet critters. Take them away from students who talk. At the end of the activity anyone who still has a quiet critter gets a prize, point, whatever you use. cute! Great for testing!

Keep your eye on the word
I had a student last year that was very bright but could not follow along with a story unless he had something to use as a pointer. Here is a fun and easy alternative to the traditional finger pointers. (courtesy of
For students who struggle following along

What now?
A poster of things your students can do when they are done with an assignment.
Early finishers

Attention Grabbers
Sick of using the same attention grabbers each time? It seems we all get in the rutt of saying "1, 2, 3, eyes on me." Here is a fun list of new ones you can try.
Attention grabbers

Brain Beads
For those in your class that finish early, here is a great idea top keep them on task and engaged in something. You have sets of cards that are easily accessible to the students. They review the cards, and when they feel good about the answers, they have a peer test them on the answers. If they succeed, they earn a brain bead. They keep their beads on a chain and see how many they can get.
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Timer PowerPoint
Fun PowerPoint you can set to change after any increment of time. Cute for the kids, too. You may have to sign up for a free subscription to the website to get it.
(Courtesy of
This free powerpoint is a timer set to change slides every minute. If you want the students to work for only 10 minutes, set the timer to 10 minutes and click start.

Reporting vs. Tattling
Here is a great poster and jar for your kids and it is a good idea to cut down on tattling on others.
(Courtesy of

Hall Rules
Make your rules for the hall known to all the students by having them where they can easily be seen- on the door. The reminder will be there every time they go through the door and into the hall.
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Hall Rules

Kids often come to you to taddle on someone. Have this up so they can answer these few questions before they complain to you.
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Classroom rules to live by

Brain Break
If your kids begin to get rowdy and need a quick break, try a "Brain Break" bucket. On each stick is a simple activity to get them out of their seats. These may include:  20 jumping jacks, seat swap, Macarena, etc.
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“Brain Break” sticks! Each popsicle stick has an activity on it {like  spin 3x, jump rope, macarena, seat swap, etc…}.  When I see that the  kids are starting to fade away, I stop and say “man, our brains need to  take a break…lets do a brain break.   The kids absolutely go  NUTS for these fun little activities.  None last longer than a minute  and it’s a great way to get them focused!”  
Brain break ideas

No card flipping here
Rather than using a card or point system, this can be used for management. Each student has their own pin that gets moved if they are not behaving how they should be. It allows for warnings as well as varying consequences.
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Great idea for classroom management