Language Arts

Here are several ideas for Language Arts. Some are activities you can do as a whole class, centers, or small groups. Some of them can be manipulated for whatever use you may have for them. Others offers a different look at something the kids may already know.

Reading Center Sticks
Write questions on Popsicle sticks and draw them out when reading a story. I like to roll a die to see who will answer it. Questions can be basic questions such as who, what, where, and when or they can be higher level questions such as why. (courtesy of  Visit
Reading center or whole groups discussion

Beginning Essay Writing
Essays are hard-we all know that. This spells out how to write a "How-To" essay that is very appropriate for third graders. I am so excited to do this with my class. (courtesy of

Writing a How-To Essay
Main Idea
Many students have a hard time grasping the "main idea" concept. Here is a fun way to show the difference between the main idea and supporting ideas. Shown: palm is the main idea, fingers are supporting ideas. (courtesy of
Main idea

Story Map
Whether you are working with a small group of your whole class, a story map is a great assessment tool for you as the teacher. It shows what the students are recalling form that specific story.You can also use it for predicting. (courtesy of
Small or large group work

Making Connections
Starting in the young grades, it is important for students to know how to make connections with a story. Here is a fun poster for them to visualize what you want from them. (Courtesy of
6th grade English

Question You Should Ask
If students can't answer these basic questions, they may need additional review. (Courtesy of
Reading Chart

Rate Your Writing
It can be hard for students to understand how much you expect of them in a writing assignment. Have a way to show them exactly how much you expect them to have for full credit on the assignment.It also allows for a quick self check on how they think they did. (Courtesy of
Free rate your writing downloads

Spelling Word Typing
Sometimes kids need a more "hands-on" approach to their spelling words. This is a fun way for them to practice their spelling words and typing at the same time. (Courtesy of
Spelling word practice: type it

Similar to a KWL, this sheet works off what the kids already know and questions they have. It is a fun alternative to a KWL if you have been using those but need a change for a while.
(Courtesy of
Responding to non-fiction

OREO Writing
The basic elements of persuasive writing can be found in the acronym OREO.
O: Opinion
R: Reasons
E: Examples
O: Opinion
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Persuasive writing

Writing Prompts
When working with kids on writing, introduce these prompts so they will know what is expected of that kind of writing. It includes Fictional Narrative, Personal Narrative, and Expository writing.
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Word Families
Here is a fun idea to help your students work on their word families (rhyming words). Use paint chips from your local hardware store to create this simple and fun activity.
Word family activity

Word Eggs
I did a lesson with Prefixes for a 3rd grade group.One half had 2 prefixes on it, the other half had root words. They spun the egg to find real words and nonsense words. They recorded the words on a paper and shared what they found with a neighbor.
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Explains to kids what a "Fluent Reader" looks like in words they can easily understand.
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Fluency chart

Commonly Misspelled Words
Even as adults we have a hard time remembering how certain words are spelled. Here is a list of the most common ones and how to remember them.
**Sorry this is so small. For a bigger picture, check out my Pinterest page
Talk about pet peaves.

Main ideas of a story
A different way to look at the 5 W's that is more fun for kids.
(Courtesy of
Great for literature

Sight words
Fun way for kids to practice sight words. Work off a list or draw words from a hat/basket. The kids "park" their car on the word you say.
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parking lot game -- call out a word (or letter) & they "park" the car in that place. PERFECT FOR SIGHT WORDS!

Word blocks
There are so many uses for these. The ideas are endless and up to you and the needs of your students
(Courtesy of

Synonym Rolls
Take a list of "boring" words and come up with synonyms for them using a thesaurus. You can get the kids involved in this part. Put the words on a "batch of rolls." Place them on a cookie sheet or in a pan and have the students match the synonyms. Can be used as a center after teaching synonyms. New "batches" can be made regularly to reinforce the concept.
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